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Rail4Region >>Enhancement of spatial and transport planning capacities in the promotion of the accessibility of the rail freight transport network and regional development<<

The new project of LCAS based on the Interreg Central Europe funding program started in April 2023 and will take 36 months to complete.

Project content:

Rail4Regions would like to contribute to increasing the share of rail freight transport. Today, the distances to the nearest rail freight connection are too long for many companies. As a result, many goods that can be transported by rail are transported by road. The partners are therefore jointly developing solutions aimed at traffic and spatial planners in order to integrate regional branch lines into the rail freight network. The aim is to improve access to the railway and economic feasibility, thereby contributing to the EU’s Green Deal in the transport sector.

Jointly developed results and solutions should trigger investments to improve rail freight traffic by reactivation or optimized use of regional branch lines. In order to achieve this, the project partners are planning to develop a concept that deals with regional railway lines. Likewise, solution approaches related to sidings, single-wagon traffic, loading points and branch lines are to be developed and tested, and action plans for the adoption of solutions in regional development and investment plans are to be drawn up. As a result, transport and spatial planners should receive instruments that promote access to rail freight transport and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness of industrial areas through transport with lower CO2 emissions.

The project also aims to anchor investments in regional railway lines and their optimization as well as to define their access points in the rail freight network. Improved access and increasing environmental awareness on the part of companies should encourage them to shift more transport from road to rail.

LCAS is going to analyze the local conditions and develop solutions to enable companies in rural areas to master the modal shift by reactivating branch lines and bundling regional traffic to the Fürnitz terminal. The connection of local companies to the rail network would enable them to transport their goods by rail to the Combi Cargo Terminal Villach Süd|Fürnitz and to distribute them to many European and national destinations.

Project partners:

In addition to the lead partner, the Thuringian Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture, the following project partners also support the project in the area of ​​sustainability:

University of Erfurt (DE), University of Zilina (SK) with cooperation partners Rail Freight Slovakia (SK), Institute for Traffic and Transport Ljubljana (SI), University North (HR), District of Varazdin (HR), Rail Freight Hungary (HU), Regional Development Agency Malopolska (PL), Information and Development Institute Kordis (CZ) with cooperation partner Region Jihomoravský kraj (CZ), Province of Novara (IT), consulting company T Bridge (IT), LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd (AT) with cooperation partner Province of Carinthia (AT)

Total budget:

€2.3 million