Your ideal logistics hub in southern Austria.

The hub Logistik Center Austria Süd is located right in the middle where the borders of Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet, in close proximity to Villach, the second largest economic region of Carinthia. Furthermore, the site is almost directly connected to the A2 highway. The site has a total area of over 160 hectares and is divided into two large zones. The Northern Zone is around 30 hectares in size, whilst the Southern Zone amounts to approiximately 130 hectares.

The hub Logistik Center Austria Süd (LCA Süd) is located directly at the intersection of two major European transport axes – the Alpine-Western Balkan Corridor and the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor. On site, the Austrian Federal Railway company (ÖBB) operates the second largest shunting yard in Austria, which serves both as a national and international hub for large-scale freight transports, linking a number of selected Adriatic ports to the European mainland.

Besides the central shunting yard, the ÖBB also operates a transshipment station with a connected cargo combi terminal for the processing of wagonload traffic, as well as combined freight transport (transshipment of containers, interchangeable containers and semi-trailers).

LCA Süd offers fully developed, first-class industrial areas to small, medium-sized or large companies from the logistics and manufacturing industry, as well as to those who provide logistics-related services.

The A2 highway is located in close proximity, resulting in fast connections to Austria’s neighbouring countries, as well as to the airports of Klagenfurt, Graz, and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Numerous companies and service providers with a total workforce of over 1300 employees are already using LCA Süd as their logistics and distribution center within the Alps-Adriatic region.

The available areas at LCA-Süd are marked in brown: