The Logistics Centre Austria South combines logistics and terminal services with inter-modal transport concepts.


The Logistics Centre Austria South aims at supporting international companies in establishing themselves on site, offering assistance as well as strategic guidance along the process. Our organization focuses on the creation of added value, in order to foster and enhance economic activity in southern Austria.
The comprehensive and customised range of services form an important part of what LCA South has to offer. These include support and consultation services such as:

  • Comprehensive information about all aspects of LCA Logistics Center Austria Süd 
  • Identification and selection of appropriate offices, production premises and commercial facilities and/or real estate
  • Contact with legal experts, tax specialists and banks
  • Advice on and coordination of financing, grants and subsidies
  • Coordination of personnel search
  • Support in the search for cooperation partners and suppliers
  • and much more…

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you with your projects:


On site, the Austrian Federal Railway company (AFR) operates a large-scale shunting yard and transshipment station with interconnected logistics center for wagonload traffic and combined freight transport. Furthermore, the site features the AFR cargo-terminal.


  • Customs clearance, pre-cooling/heating service
  • Empty container depot, container cleaning and repair service, check-in/check-out
  • Transshipment platforms also for conventional transport
  • Parking options for freight transport, as well as for heavy-lorry and traction vehicles.
  • Service fueling station in proximity (Villach West railway station)
  • Last-mile service, including shunting and mechanical service
  • SOLAS weighing machine / industrial scale
  • Short-term storage facilities for RID goods in containers (up to 21 days in accordance with safety officers)
  • Storing, stuffing and transshipping, including securing cargo
  • Loading of trucks and tractor-trailers that can’t be loaded by crane
  • (Rolling Highway)
  • etc.

Customized transport concepts
The ideal connection to road and rail, , as well as the intelligent network between ports located on the Upper Adriatic coastline and the LCA South inland port, result in a comprehensive service offering.

Technical data

  • up to 40 t WAB, SAL/32 Containers
  • 1 full container stacker up to 45 t WAB/SAL and container
  • ROLA (rolling highway) 600m loading track

Total area
The terminal comprises a total area of approx. 70,000 m²

TSA Villach_c_ÖBB_Hämmerle_klein