Success stories

Success stories from the logistics location Carinthia: Every year we accompany companies and ensure that their business is well received, develops and grows.
Here they tell us what inspires them about the location and why they have benefited from their commitment.

Let’s write also your Carinthian success story together!

Klaus Leitner

Managing director josef lex & co internationale speditions- und lagerhausgesellschaft mbh


Fürnitz is an ideal hub as well as a transhipment platform for our truck transport to and from Italy, Germany, Slovenia and the Balkans. We have been here for 10 years. This is because back then, we recognised the potential that was on offer for us here: – A container terminal with container handling and a container depot – Covered and open storage areas – The ability to offer a first-class package for transshipment and logistic services to our business partners – Transhipment of heavy goods of up to 40 tonnes – Establishment of our own container packing station – Our own private customs warehouse – An approved bonded warehouse for beer and wine – Weighing facilities for full/empty vehicles or containers – A customs office directly in the terminal – A direct siding to our warehouse- Railway loading – Office space for our customs declarants and truck dispatchers – Land that is still available for the construction of your own warehouses, and on top of that, all kinds of support for special solution through the management of the terminal.

Claudio Müller

Managing director DRAUTRANS - Speditions- u. Transport GmbH


With its connection to the railway network and major road corridors, our “Interporto Drautrans” terminal could not be better positioned. Located at the centre of the Alps- Adriatic region and close to the NAPA ports (North Adriatic Ports Association – Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, Koper, Rijeka), the Fürnitz site meets all the requirements to best meet our customers’ logistics demands.

We are your experts for logistics operations in Italy and southern Europe. Benefit from our extensive expertise, the covered and open storage areas, and the largest container terminal in the south of Austria. We are committed to our region and have been operating from this site for over 25 years and will continue to do so!

Andreas Matthä

Chairman ÖBB Holding


The Villach South Terminal in Fürnitz is ideally connected to the port of Trieste and offers the shipping industry the perfect solution for linking road and rail to the sea. ÖBB is working together with the Trieste Port Authority to further develop a customs corridor, transforming the location into “Dry Port Villach”. With this project there are great opportunities for a more efficient formation of trains and cross docking and as such, more transport volume by rail.

Nicola Lelli

Managing director MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Austria


As shipping company representatives we have worked with the Fürnitz site for many years as a container depot. We appreciate it because of its advantageous geographical position in relation to the Adriatic sea ports.

Today, with our own intermodal/logistics solutions and the excellent connection between the the ports of Trieste and Koper, we are able to provide convincing arguments to shippers for the possibilities in the south – and across national borders.

Through the implementation of current endeavours and the resulting expansion of the location, we continue to develop as an optimum hub for the transportation of sea freight: Fürnitz as an Adriatic Gateway for Austria.

Karl Nothegger Jun.

Managing director Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH


For us, Fürnitz is an important hub and linchpin for our transportation between Italy and Austria as well as their neighbouring countries. As the interface between the transport modes of road and rail, the Fürnitz site is an ideal consolidation point of enormous importance for our block trains to and from southern Italy. With our transshipment warehouse directly at the terminal and our own location which is adjacent to it, it is possible for us to offer our customers all logistics services involving various modes of transport.

Christian Vogt

Managing director DLH Real Estate Austria GmbH


Our economic success as developers of logistics real estate is based on identifying “hot spots” for logistics.

Here we then develop high-quality transhipment facilities, which in turn generate corresponding demand. Located at the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor and connected to the railway junction, the Villach-Fürnitz site holds great potential for the future. Another asset is the support of LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd right on site. We are convinced that modern, sustainably developed logistics real estate will offer a very good basis for growth and will contribute to continued economic success at this site.

Erik Leiss

Managing Director Österreich DB Schenker


Due to its excellent location, the good connections to the railway network as well as to the central motorways and the Adriatic ports of Koper/Trieste, the Villach Süd Fürnitz terminal acts as an important hub in southern Europe for DB Schenker and offers all the prerequisites for offering our customers the best possible service. The Fürnitz location has enormous potential and offers an ideal starting point and connection point to all of Europe for all modes of transport – whether rail, road and sea, which means that we can offer our customers more efficient solutions on all transport routes. In addition to the largest container terminal in southern Austria, the location also has its own customs office, a direct siding and a transhipment point for heavy goods, which means that individual needs can also be optimally met.

DB Schenker has been active in Carinthia for over 100 years and it has always been important to us to provide the Carinthian economy with the fastest and most modern transport solutions. The Fürnitz logistics terminal will continue to ensure this in the best possible way in the future.

Markus Ebner, MSc

Managing Director Gebrüder Weiss Maria Saal


Every day we use the terminal in Villach in the interest of our customers to find the best possible solutions for all challenges along the supply chain of our national and international customers. Carinthia is an extremely attractive business location and is becoming increasingly important in the competition for the best business locations. Fast and simple official procedures, constructive cooperation with municipalities and the state as well as a general environment in which the motto still counts: “Work where others go on vacation”.

Fürnitz and its infrastructure is a fillet of Carinthia whose potential needs to be promoted and expanded. Gebrüder Weiss Carinthia therefore supports all initiatives to further expand the Fürnitz location, but also Carinthia in general as a business location, and to focus the attention of companies on the great attractiveness of this region.


Gebrüder Weiss is probably the oldest transport company in the world and can look back on more than 500 years of history. Having emerged from a transalpine courier line from the Lake Constance region to Milan (“Milan messenger”), the full-service logistics company now operates worldwide.
In addition to classic land transport (truck and rail), the portfolio also includes air and sea freight as well as individual logistics solutions for a wide variety of industries, from automotive to high-tech. State-of-the-art technologies and a tightly wired network ensure uniform quality standards, whether in Europe, Asia or overseas.

Gebrüder Weiss has had a branch in Carinthia, Maria Saal, since 1992 and has continued to develop it ever since.