Why Fuernitz

Efficient logistics is much more than delivering the right goods to the right place at the right time. Logistics is an industry that is all about movement, speed and optimization. With optimized flows of goods and individual transport concepts, the hub Logistik Center Austria Süd meets the rapidly growing demands of our time for speed, flexibility, security, quality and sustainability, but above all reliability.

The central location in Europe, the historically grown bridgehead function to Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as the modern infrastructure make Austria and the federal state of Carinthia an important logistics location. The relevance of Austria as a logistics location goes far beyond national borders. Numerous international companies have long since recognized the potential and have chosen Austria and Carinthia as their distribution center and company location. The excellent geographic location allows Carinthia to act as a hub between East and West as well as between North and South in international goods traffic.

The right location determines the success of a company. As the regional location agency of the only logistics center with an international orientation in Carinthia, the hub LCA-Süd, and competence agency for the logistics region of Carinthia, LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd GmbH (LCAS) is the first point of contact for domestic and foreign companies looking to invest in Fürnitz or in Carinthia – in the latter case in the area of ​​logistics and mobility.



  • Political and social stability with a low crime rate
  • Business-friendly conditions
  • Security of energy supply and competitive industrial electricity prices
  • Fully developed industrial and commercial space in the best location and at attractive conditions
  • (Highly) qualified employees, practice-oriented training
  • International school
  • Excellent language skills (e.g. English, Italian, Slovenian)
  • High work productivity and work motivation with moderate wage cost levels
  • Flexible labor law models and a low strike rate
  • High standard of living


  • Logistics and economic hub in the Alps-Adriatic region
  • European rail customs corridor between the port of Trieste and the logistics hub LCA-Süd Fürnitz
  • International accessibility through airports and ports in the vicinity:
    • Klagenfurt Airport, 45 km
    • Graz Airport, 120 km
    • Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia), 80 km
    • Villach motorway junction (Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Vienna), 0.5 km
  • Optimal connection to the Adriatic ports of Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Koper and Rijeka (shortest distance between Western Europe and Asia)
  • At the intersection of the Alpine-Western Balkan corridor, the Baltic-Adriatic axis and the southern German economic area
  • Optimal connection to the manufacturing regions of Eastern Europe
  • Intermodal container terminal of ÖBB Infrastruktur
  • Large marshalling yard of ÖBB Infrastruktur

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in the implementation of your project: office@lca-sued.at

Foto: ÖBB|Hofmann