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First new companies settle at the Logistics Centre

The Logistik Centre Austria South in Fürnitz has just been established in May 2017. Now, the first companies have settled, respectively broadened their services.

Nothegger expanding

Nothegger Transport & Logistics from St. Ulrich am Pillersee was founded in 1992 and has 15 international subsidiaries in 5 countries and runs over 700 vehicles.

The trans European logistics network covers all areas of multimodal traffic. Food transport with refrigerated trucks and tarpaulin body trucks are the core business of Nothegger. But also transport of hazardous goods and other special transports are provided.

Being one of the pioneers in intermodal traffic, Nothegger has its own network of blocktrains on the main routes between Germany and Southern Italy. Nothegger shifts more than 55Mio. transport-kilometers from roads to rail networks every year. In that way 40.000 tons of CO2 are saved.

Nothegger is expanding and is going to accelerate its effort at the Logistics Centre Austria South. Until the end oft the year Nothegger is relocating it’s subsidiary to the former Elan building, that is empty at the moment. Also the traintraffic will be increased in Fürnitz. By the summer of next year 40 additional jobs are going to be created.


 First branch of Turkish company Ekol in Austria

Ahmet Musul founded the Ekol Group in 1990. The company has been growing fast ever since. In 2016 Ekol had a turnover of 570 million EUR and approximately 6.500 employees are working for the company in Turkey and 14 other countries. Ekol Group is deploying more than 5.500 vehicles, of which 6 are RoRo-ferries. Furthermore Ekol is operating 48 weekly rail connections and over 1 million m² warehousing space is managed.

Ekol is opening its first Austrian branch office in the south of Villach in December. Ekol is going to be situated at the Austrian Railways Terminal where it’s going to establish its waggon management. The Logistics Centre Austria South will be an important hub to distribute goods to various European destinations.

Ekol will be an important partner of the Austrian Railway Terminal Villach South. Being this, the company also plans to increase its activities, create further jobs at the site and broaden its network of destinations.