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BABEG-Success in Carinthia @ transport logistic 2023 – Munich


“Building roots” is the motto that characterizes the daily activities of the Carinthian Business and Technology Agency team.
Kärntner Betriebsansiedlungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H., BABEG for short, has the task of supporting and strategically accompanying the investment of new international companies in Carinthia. It is also shareholder of non-university institutions in order to strengthen technical research and innovation in southern Austria. That is why BABEG is also part of our journey to Germany and, together with us, is available to companies and people interested in Carinthia.

In order to get you all in the right mood for the experts travel group from Carinthia, we personally asked the head of the International Investment Promotion , Thereza Christina Grollitsch, about the business location Carinthia . See here!

Ms. Grollitsch, Carinthia is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Austria. It has picked up speed in recent years, especially in the IT and microelectronics sectors. BABEG acts as a bridge builder here. Who is behind this organization and what is your goal with your initiative?

BABEG is a state-owned company, which is owned equally by the state of Carinthia and the federal government. The services offered are completely free and include, among other things, the accompaniment of businesswo|men and entrepreneurs who have an interest in our region. We offer support for networking, international projects, research & development and the internationalization of the company.

What does the service portfolio actually look like? What do you offer companies interested in Carinthia?

We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and companies and accompany the entire project from basic information about the business location to the search for a suitable location, support with the business plan, funding and financing through to support with permits, official channels, personnel search and the opening ceremony.

The economy is now picking up again. Does this boom also affect the Carinthian location?

Attention to Carinthia and its strengths has increased in recent years. Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in what their “neighbors” are doing, and internationalization is an important issue for growth-oriented companies.

How important are technology-oriented companies for the economy in Carinthia?

Technology-oriented companies are of great importance for Carinthia. We have the Lakeside Science & Technology Park which is home to more than 77 companies specializing in communications technology and beyond. Non-university research institutes are also on site and conduct research for and with industry. Another Technology Park is the High Tech Campus Villach (HTC), where the Silicon Austria Labs are located – Austria’s unique research center for EBS systems (electronic based systems). Both have growth potential and will be expanded accordingly.

What current developments are there at the Carinthian innovation-landscape?

Carinthia is developing more and more in the direction of its strengths in the field of technology. We invite all companies that feel addressed by this development to get in touch with us so that we can support them to be part of this development into the future.

Finally, what is the first thing you do when you get into your office?

Every day when I come to work, I open the door and shout “Good morning!” This makes my colleagues laugh, reply and the day starts well!


We would very much like to thank Thereza Christina Grollitsch for this very good overview of Carinthia’s areas of strength and future topics. We want more of this! You, too? Then visit the informative website www.babeg.at and visit us at our booth 323, hall B5 or be our guest on May 11, 2023 from 6 p.m. at our Carinthian evening in Munich, at the exhibition area. You’ll find there the right contact persons important for a possible commitment in Carinthia  – free of charge, of course – and to a great extend also offering services in your mother tongue. For more information about the Carinthian evening, simply contact us at office@lca-sued.at!

We look forward to seeing you!