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TREU Speditionsgesellschaft @ transport logistic in Munich

Dear Munich trade fair community, dear exhibitors, dear visitors to tl 2023! Another, growth-oriented Carinthian logistics company has joined our trade fair delegation and will present its services at the Carinthia-Booth under the motto: Carinthia: gateway to the world. We introduce:

TREU Speditionsgesellschaft has been taking care of the transport and storage of goods for over 70 years. The approx. 45 employees at the two locations in Carinthia (Arnoldstein) and Vienna (Guntramsdorf) as well as an active network of partners throughout Europe guarantee reliable transport on time and the distribution of branded goods in Austria and throughout Europe.

In 2018, the previous Guntramsdorf site manager, Alexander Müller, took over the originally Italian company and expanded it at the beginning of 2021 by taking over the DSV branch in Arnoldstein. Thus, an expansion of 6,500 m² of covered storage space and 22,000 m² of outdoor storage space was the result. The location in Guntramsdorf offers a high-bay and block warehouse of 12,000 m². So the capacity is impressive.

Summarized, TREU offers the following services:

  • Transports with a focus on Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia
  • Logistics and storage from our large warehouses in Vienna Guntramsdorf and in Arnoldstein
  • Customs clearance and all customs clearance tasks
  • Completion of the electronic administration documents for consumer taxes (wine, sparkling wine & alcohol) including tax warehouse
  • 24-hour Austria shipping
  • Europe-wide shipping
  • General cargo, groupage, full loads, part loads

In the current interview with Managing Director Alexander Müller, we take a look at the company and, above all, its sustainability strategy. Et voila!

Mr. Müller, you have been at home in the world of forwarding for a very long time. Was it clear to you from the start that you would one day become the managing director of a forwarding company, even with Italian roots?

When I was young, I set myself the goal of one day occupying a responsible position in the company. However, the fact that it then led from the authorized representative via the procuration to the managing director and owner – was not really the plan.

How did you achieve growth and how do you deal with the inevitable changes caused by pandemics, war and climate change in day-to-day business?

Growth can only be achieved with a lot of commitment and love for the job and through targeted solutions for our customers. Our motivated employees make a major contribution to our growth. Of course, due to the changes mentioned, we all have to face new challenges every day and solve them as best as we can in the interests of everyone.

You certainly need well-trained employees with whom you can handle the logistics of tomorrow – how do you find them with the current shortage of skilled workers?

We are certainly all facing the same problem here – good employees are very difficult to find/get. I am very happy that we can rely on a very good and, above all, long-standing team – although it is actually difficult to fill the job opportunities we offer.

What growth goals are you pursuing and how flexibly do you react to the current market?

In the last 5 years as an owner I have already achieved more growth than originally planned. Nevertheless, we are still planning some changes/extensions in the near future, which not least has to do with the current market.

Is there a specific industry that occupies the majority of your customer segment?

Fortunately, we are relatively broadly positioned and serve customers from a wide variety of industries.

Let’s get to the topic of “green logistics”: How important are gas/electric trucks for you? Or where do you leave your ecological footprint, with rail transport? What other measures are you taking to protect the climate?

Almost all company cars have already been converted to electric. I think there is still a long way to go for trucks in cross-border traffic. We are currently planning a new heating system and a larger PV system on our buildings.

How is your climate-friendly action received by your customers? Is “green logistics” really a competitive factor, or does the widely praised climate protection stop where it becomes expensive for us personally?

Of course, this is already questioned by customers and everyone would like everything to be GREEN – but when it comes to costs, very few want to go into detail.

Finally, what is the first thing you do when you walk into your office?

My morning ritual consists of greeting everyone in the office and asking how they are doing. Then I do my rounds of the warehouse and also talk to my warehouse employees to find out how you are doing, or whether where the shoe pinches – only then I get myself a coffee….