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Welcome @ Fürnitz: A new company settles at our location

The location Fürnitz and the LCA Logistics Center Austria South are gaining momentum and attracting more and more businesses.

LCA-Süd scored again with international investors and convinced recently among others, the Italian entrepreneur A. Gotti from the food sector,to settle in Fürnitz.

The already founded G.A.E. Vertriebs GmbH deals with the import and export of high quality Italian food, which is sold to Italian restaurants, bars and cafes across Europe. These include u.a. high-quality Italian wines from the region of Franciacorta, soft drinks and juices, pasta, fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and sausages.

G.A.E. also felt inspired by the project of the planned “Alpe-Adria Food Hub” in Fürnitz and is already part of it. G.A.E. wants to expand its markets (previously focused on Eastern Europe) and provide Italian operators of the HoReCa industry in Austria and Germany with Italian quality goods.
LCA South was able to guide the entrepreneur from Brescia with the free investor service through the establishment of the company and
continues to assist Mr. Gotti beyond the start-up phase.


Interested? office@lca-sued.at