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The international freight forwarding Josef Lex introduces itself!

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our location companies from the LogCommunity Fürnitz and have therefore asked the Managing Director of Josef Lex Internationale Speditions – und Lagerhaus GmbH, Mr. Hermann Rettig for an interview:

What significance does the logistics location Fürnitz have for you?

Our Austrian company has been in existence since 1950. Since 2017 we have been part of the German Karl Dischinger Group, a 200-year-old family business with over 1,000 employees and over 150 apprentices (17 occupations are being trained).
This logistics location is the largest and most important location of our four branches in Austria, as we can offer here among others the following logistics services:

The location Fürnitz is an ideal hub and transshipment platform for our truck traffic from / to Italy, Germany, Slovenia and the Balkans.
On average from and to Italy, we handle around 1,000 truckloads and part-loads every month.

We serve the Balkans in their entirety, including Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

On the location Fürnitz we not only operate a very professional and successful truck dispatching office with 10 dispatchers, but also a customs office with long-standing and experienced customs declarants.

We also operate our own private customs warehouse, a beer tax warehouse, and also a wine tax warehouse.
Several years ago, we built our own container packing station in Fürnitz, as it is also home to a railway hub for container shipments to the Adriatic ports.

We strip incoming containers and stow properly outbound containers, including markings, sorting, weighing, Solas declarations, customs clearance and other logistics services.

Furthermore, we load and unload wagons directly at our siding and load noumerous trucks or unload trucks in our warehouse.
In our covered warehouses we store and move goods of every kind, even up to 10 tons per piece weight.

For duty-unpaid goods, we maintain our own private customs warehouse, a beer tax warehouse for beer, and a wine tax warehouse for wines.
For heavy goods we provide a paved free warehouse.
Also a mobile crane of the ÖBB with 40 Ton lifting force can be procured for the heavy load handling directly at the site.

Why did you decide to build a location for the LEX respectively Karl Dischinger Spedition here?

We have been in this location for 10 years, because we already realized the potential for us here:

  • Container terminal with container handling,
  • Container Depot,
  • Weighing possibilities for full / empty vehicles or containers,
  • covered and open storage areas,
  • Opportunities for private bonded warehouses,
  • Customs office directly at the site – thus customs clearance not only at the authorized goods, but also directly at the official place possible,
  • Siding in stock,
  • Rail loading,
  • spacious office space, available on site and space for the construction of own warehouses and / or offices,
  • Any support from the terminal line for special solutions such as block trains or occasionally larger transshipment or storage needs.

What else does a freight forwarder want?

Thank you Mr. Rettig for the detailed conversation.

For more information visit http://www.lexsped.at  and  http://www.lca-sued.at