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SmartLogi: Intelligent Logistics

The Logistics Center Austria South (LCA South), supported by the Alpe-Adria University Klagenfurt, is launching a joint project together with the Port of Trieste to develop and evaluate a potential rail-based customs corridor between the two locations. Called SmartLogi (Smart & intelligent Logistics), the project aims at strenghtening cross-border cooperation as well as reducing the environmental footprint of cross border transports within the Alpine Region.

SmartLogi is funded with a total volume of approx. 1.3 million EURO by the Interreg Program Austria-Italy. Furthermore, the shares of the regional project partners within the project are co-financed by the Carinthian Economic Development Fund (KWF).

Main goals of the project SmartLogi is the improvement of operational and institutional cooperation regarding sustainable mulitmodal transport options. The term “multimodal transport” refers to the use of different means of transport within a certain period of time, mostly throughout an entire transport route, from the starting point to the final delivery point of the goods. Thus, walong a given route the goods are carried by different modes of transport such as by truck on the road, or on freight trains via rail.

Another major focus point lies on tackling several administrative and technological challenges that are currently impeding the modal shift (switching from one transport mode to another) from road to rail. For this purpose, a cross-border action plan will be set up, in order to reduce the environmental impact of freight transport by considerably lowering pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as noise, while simultaneously optimizing processes to make the corresponding transport activities in the Alpine region more efficient. Additionally, the cooperation between the LCA-Süd and the port of Trieste will be significantly strengthened by the development of a joint pilot project. The latter in order to create a cross-border customs corridor that will foster long-term cooperation regarding freight transports within the program area at operational and institutional level.

Smartlogi will make multimodal transport options within our area more competitive and attractive, in order to increase modal shift from road to rail, while considerably reducing the impact on our environment.