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LogisticsMOVES – Image campaign to increase the attractiveness of the logistics industry

LogistikBEWEGT! LogisticsMOVES!

The logistics industry is characterized by prejudices that have little to do with reality. Only a few really know the industry and know how powerful, digital and efficient logistics actually is. It provides people and companies with everything they need and is therefore systemically relevant in the truest sense of the word – and not just since Corona or the war in Ukraine.

A lot happens in the background so that the necessary goods can be found on the shelves or are available on the market every day throughout Austria. Sophisticated logistics ensure that we all get what we need every day – and more. And a large number of employees who do their best every day in the various logistics centers are responsible for this. Whether on the road in a truck, at the desk in the warehouse, when planning deliveries, picking the goods on the fully automatic high rack, in customer service or in inventory control and quality assurance, to name just a few of the jobs in logistics – there are countless exciting, interesting and challenging tasks that must be fulfilled in a logistics company.

As part of the new image campaign LogistikBEWEGT, we would like to make an active contribution to image improvement as a competence partner for logistics in Carinthia. Among other things, we visit Carinthian logistics companies or logistics departments of industrial and commercial companies and take a look behind the scenes. We visit the individual departments, have them show us the processes and talk to the employees about their personal reasons for gaining a foothold in logistics and how they are doing, what training led them to do so, which rungs of the career ladder they have already climbed or are planning to do .which career advances are still available to them.

Using interviews with employees and/or managing directors, photos and videos, we will show you which cool areas can be found in the industry environment and which promising and sustainable jobs there are, what to expect and what career opportunities are available. At the same time, we put the participating company on display and help to increase visibility.

We want to tell stories that inspire and break down societal stereotypes about logistics. The stories are intended to improve the visibility and perception of the logistics sector in general, to anchor the industry’s strengths and opportunities in public awareness and to show the range of its tasks and relevance in the economic system. What logistics can do, what possibilities it offers, is hardly known in public and partly also in politics. Of course, this makes it more difficult to find staff, to acquire possible funding and sometimes to accept new logistics locations and terminals.

Let’s change the way we see things – together! Because: Logistics moves (us).

The LogistikBEWEGT roadshow starts in June 2023.

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