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Log4School – campaign to increase the image of the transport and logistics sector

LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd GmbH started with their image campaign “Log4School”. The aim of the current campaign is to draw the attention of schools of all levels to the logistics and transport sector and to arouse interest in one of the diverse and promising job profiles.

LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd GmbH (LCAS), the official location agency of the logistics hub of the same name in Fürnitz|Villach (LCA-Süd) and competence center for transport and logistics in Carinthia, initiates Log4School, a campaign to improve the image of the transport and logistics industry and a showcase for the exhibition of the diverse job descriptions in the industry.

With the “Log4School” initiative, LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd GmbH brings students who are looking for career orientation or an apprenticeship directly on site. Numerous companies find their future apprentices with the help of job taster initiatives. This means that the chances of getting an apprenticeship or an apprenticeship place can increase significantly through the taster session. During introductory or trial days, committed employees from a wide range of logistics companies in Carinthia explain the work processes in the forwarding and logistics companies, how the apprenticeship training works and how a further career path can take place and what makes a varied job in the field of transport|logistics. The taster opportunity should also be presented at elementary schools in order to playfully familiarize the little ones with the exciting world of logistics at an early age.

Especially after the challenges of recent years and the current shortage of skilled workers, it is important to give children and young people an insight into the multifaceted world of logistics and to arouse interest in attractive and sustainable job opportunities: from warehouse clerks to dispatchers and customs declaration clerks to management.

Are you interested in visiting the logistics hub Fürnitz or selected companies in the Carinthian logistics world together with your students? Or would you like to gain insights into the world of freight forwarders and logistics as part of a teacher training course? Then simply contact us:!

We would also be happy to organize your visit, taking into account your wishes, those of your school or your students Students to create the perfect match.