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ABA- Invest in Austria @ transport logistic 2023 in Munich

Are you considering visiting transport logistic: one of the world’s leading logistics trade fairs in Munich? Then stop by and say SERVUS!

We represent the logistics location Carinthia | Austria. We offer you all relevant information on the market, on available land and business premises, on possible subsidies, etc. You can count on our logistics expertise, are open for cross-border logistics cooperation projects, we offer you the right logistics infrastructure, the 1st European cross-border rail customs corridor and much more.

The Carinthian Pavillon is a joint stand with concentrated know-how in the field of transport|logistics, but also in the field of international business settlement and location marketing. In addition to LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd GmbH and BABEG-Success in Carinthia, we also have ABA-Invest in Austria on board. You see: for all those who want to find out more about investment and business opportunities in Austria and Carinthia, this is the right place!

But who is ABA-Invest in Austria? We asked Bernhard Bachleitner, director for the German market:

Mr. Bachleitner, who is behind this organization and what is your goal with your initiative?

As a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics (BMAW), we make transparent to international companies and professionals how attractive Austria is as a business location. Our service is free for companies.
Founding, expanding, benefiting from the research location, everything is right here with us at the Austrian Business Agency (ABA). We ensure that companies in Austria start, grow and internationalize successfully.

That sounds already very exciting. What does the service portfolio actually look like? What do you offer companies interested in Austria?

How can we help ?

We research data, facts, trends & developments on Austria as a business location and are helpful in finding and selecting a location and setting up a business. If you have any questions about labor and tax law, we will provide the answers you are looking for.
Internationalization also has to do with financing. We help when it comes to grants or financing options.
In summary, we offer an all-round service for all topics related to the expansion of foreign companies to and in Austria, e. g. labor law, company foundation, cooperation and network.

We make it easy for our customers:

In terms of smart solutions: We think laterally and research laterally. Then we filter out the essentials for the company so that you can find the best solution as quickly as possible.        In terms of supportive spirit: Our support has format. We understand the challenges for companies interested in expansion and help precisely. With positive energy and in 15 languages.
In terms of sustainable success: Nobody in the country has more location know-how and networking expertise as we do. With us, the companies we advise are sustainably successful in Austria.

What strengths do you think Austria has as a business location?

Fore sure, the market potential, that is:

  • Gateway to 750 million customers in the heart of Europe
  • Austria – a strong industrial nation: Industry and manufacturing contribute about twice as much to the GDP as tourism
  • One of the richest EU countries – high purchasing power as the basis for successful market development

Furthermore, the talents:

  • highly motivated employees – 5th place in the EU
  • Labor productivity almost 12% above EU average and
  • Highest quality in training: dual training, excellent universities and colleges, flanked by additional forms of training such as higher technical schools (HTL) and commercial academies (HAK)

As a research country, Austria offers

  • First-class universities and research centers, high quality of life for motivated professionals,
  • an attractive direct research funding supplemented by the additional tax research funding and
  • the need for cooperation deeply rooted in the genes of Austrians.

An economic climate shaped by:

  • a business-friendly tax system and extensive incentives,
  • efficient infrastructure and modern e-government, as well as
  • Stability and security – hardly any strikes, low crime rate

The quality of life in Austria is

  • great – life is good here,
  • with low cost of living,
  • unbeatable in public transport and
  • cultural, culinary and real peaks

And, in your opinion, is there room for improvement?

We want to become even better known outside of Austria. We also use leading international trade fairs, such as transport logistic, or organize independent events outside of Austria, to which we are happy to invite interested entrepreneurs and businesswo:men.

Finally, what is the first thing you do when you get into the office?

I try to take the time to talk to my employees and find out how they are doing, what they are doing and if they need help and where.


Thank you very much, Mr. Bachleitner, for this very unique view of Austria as a business and investment location.

If you would like to find out more about the services of ABA-Invest in Austria, then visit the informative website www.investinaustria.at and also visit our Carinthian Pavillon (B5.232) on the subject of setting up a business or start another project in Carinthia|Austria. Our team of experts is there for you and will be happy to give you more insight into the Austrian system and your options.